We work with many fine property and casualty companies which are A-rated by the Key Rating Guide to be able to meet your home owners', auto, farm, ranch, commercial auto, long haul truck and business insurance needs.

Jordan Insurance Service works with a variety of health insurance carriers for you health insurance needs whether it be regular health insurance, long term care, medicare supplement, or medicare D.

We also work with a number of life insurance carriers to cover your long term or short term life insurance needs from mortgage protection to financial planning.

Furthermore, being located in the middle of an agricultural area, our company has a good line of crop insurance products available. We can offer you all types of crop insurance authorized by Federal Crop Insurance Corporation. We also offer very competitive hail rates.

For long haul trucking, Jordan Insurance has the privilege of having on staff a knowledgeable person of long haul trucking. Not only has she been around and drove the big rigs, she knows your needs for state filings and types of coverage needed.

NOTARY SERVICES - Jordan Insurance also has 2 Notary Publics on staff for your notary needs.

Jordan Insurance Service, its owners, agents and employees respect each individuals right to privacy.
Any personal information that is collected on this site will not be disclosed to any third party unless
shared information is required by a company or individual to complete your insurance request.

E-mail addresses, fax or telephone numbers obtained as a result of a request will not be sold or given to other
private companies for marketing purposes. However, we will make no guarantees for any
personal information shared on a linked site.

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