Our Services

We work with many fine property and casualty companies which are A-rated by the Key Rating Guide to be able to meet your home owners’, auto, farm, ranch, commercial auto, long haul truck and business insurance needs.

Jordan Insurance Service works with a variety of health insurance carriers for you health insurance needs whether it be regular health insurance, long term care, Medicare supplements, or Medicare Prescription Drug Part D plans.

We also work with a number of life insurance carriers to cover your long term or short term life insurance needs from mortgage protection to financial planning.

Furthermore, being located in the middle of an agricultural area, our company has a good line of crop insurance products available. We can offer you all types of crop insurance authorized by Federal Crop Insurance Corporation. We also offer very competitive hail rates.

For long haul trucking, Jordan Insurance has the privilege of having on staff a knowledgeable person of long haul trucking. Not only has she been around and drove the big rigs, she knows your needs for state filings and types of coverage needed.

NOTARY SERVICES – Jordan Insurance also has 1 Notary Public on staff for your notary needs.

Personal Auto

Whether it’s just Liability or added Comprehensive and Collision, insurance is an important part of vehicle ownership. We have great carriers to keep you protected out on the road.

Commercial Auto

Whether it’s for delivery or just company use, Commercial Auto policies are tailored to insure you are covered out on the job. We have various carriers to help give you peace of mind, so you can focus on the job ahead.


Whether you have a classic farm house or just purchased a manufactured home, the right policy can help protect you against the unexpected. From hail to fire, don’t leave your home unprotected. We have various carriers we work with to give you a range of policies and premiums to help get you the right coverage for your home.


For some homeowners Flood Insurance isn’t an option, it’s required, and for others it’s an extra layer of coverage. We have carriers that can make purchasing Flood Insurance an easy step in the home buying process.

Crop Insurance

Our crop carriers have multiple plans and policies ranging from Multi-Peril, Hay Fire, Crop Hail and Grain Fire so you can get the right protection for your hard work.


Health Insurance can be confusing with all of the changes made over the past years, but the Marketplace can help find you the right plan at the right price by giving you multiple plans, carriers and premiums to choose from all in one place.

Medicare Supplements

Once you’ve signed up for Part A and Part B you may feel like you need extra coverage. Prescription coverage and supplement plans can help you fill in the gaps with different plans and carriers to choose from.

Life Insurance

No one wants to think about leaving their loved ones behind, but we do want to make sure we leave them without medical bills and funeral costs. Whole Life and Term Life can give you arrange of options so you can leave behind a little extra help for the people that mean the most to you.


When it comes to Bonds, we offer a wide variety for all of your needs.


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